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Book review

The 33-Day War: Israelís War on Hezbollah in Lebanon & its Consequences

by Gilbert Achar and Michel Warschawski

Thursday 1 September 2011, by Roland Wood

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Gilbert Achar, Michel Warschawski
Paradigm Publishers (pb) 978-1-59451-409-8 $16.96 Ä11.40

Achar and Warschawski teamed up following the events of October 2006 to assess the causes and consequences of Israelís very own ďVietnamĒ. The book dissects the strategic and political background behind Israelís actions and the effects on Lebanonís own population.

Achar, who lived in Lebanon for many years before moving to France, is a regular contributor to Le Monde Diplomatique.

Warschawski is a veteran journalist and peace activist who helped found the Alternative Information Center, a Palestinian-Israeli news organisation that distributes information, research and political analysis on Palestinian and Israeli societies.