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“They are intent on demeaning and misrepresenting Trotsky himself because his ideas are still very relevant”

Interview with Esteban Volkov

Mexico City is a place that reverberates with history. The cradle of the “Mexica” civilization is a melting pot of cultures and testimony to unique events in the history of the 20th century. The irregular landscape of houses, the result of the devastation caused by successive earthquakes, houses an immense city with suburbs where 20 million people live. It was the refuge of some of the greatest writers, painters and poets of the last century. A place of welcome for thousands of republicans who fled from fascism after the Spanish civil war. And also, the only country on the “planet without a visa” that had the courage to accept Leon Trotsky’s request for asylum.

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Hong Kong

Everything You Need to Know About the Hong Kong Protests

Hong Kong’s government tried to rush through a bill that would limit civil liberties. Instead they triggered a tidal wave of protests — some of the largest in modern history. Kevin Lin interviews Au Loong Yu, Chris Chan, Lam Chi Leung, Chun-Wing Lee, Alexa and Student Labour Action Coalition.

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Women’s strike in Switzerland with more than 500 000 women participating

On Friday, the 14th of June 2019, hundreds of thousands of women went on strike throughout Switzerland for the second time after 1991. Women of all ages, from all regions and with different employment situations participated in hundreds of protest activities, ranging from putting up banners to squatting streets and central squares. The reasons for taking to the streets to protest were numerous – the patriarchal and capitalist society keeps producing new ones on a daily basis. Despite the political and economic stability in Switzerland overall, the political left succeeded in organizing one of the most successful mass mobilizations in Swiss history.

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