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Some of the more popular pages


Megafires in Australia: a climate tipping point, live

The expression ‘tipping point’ refers to the point when a system passes from one system of equilibrium to another, the point where it is no longer possible to prevent accumulated quantitative changes from causing a qualitative change. It is used in many different fields, from population studies to climate change, as well as social sciences.

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Without a Treaty, Australia Day Will Always Be Invasion Day

For Indigenous Australians, Australia Day commemorates nothing but the invasion of their territories. While the Change the Date campaign gathers momentum, only a Treaty can begin to address the trauma and bloodshed of British settlement.

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The mobilization is continuing, so is Macron’s isolation

Since 20 January, the movement for the withdrawal of the proposed Macron-Philippe pension counter-reform has entered its second act. Despite the fact that the last few days have seen the end of the SNCF and RATP strikes, the mobilization is far from over and the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators on 24 January made clear their determination to continue fighting for several more weeks.

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